When you are looking for a job, your resume tells a potential employer about you before you have a chance to impress them in person. This means that you want your resume to set you apart from others, and one thing that will undoubtedly is showing that you know how to lead a team or project.

Higher Salary

Industries are looking for professional individuals who have a product(s), service(s), or tool(s) that can be used to enhance their business productivity.  It's said that Project Management certification can surely increase your salary by 10 to 15 percent. (Leading Within - Roadmap-to-Self in not a Project Management certification program and individuals are not certified through ROASA, Inc.).

Increased Networking Opportunities

#LWRMTS Members are given numerous opportunity to network with other #LWRMTS members cross industries.

Language Mastery

In order to successfully Lead Within #LWRMTS members have a lengthy list of Project Management terms that requires full understanding and the ability to apply these words and terms to the correct processing group during each Project Management phase.  

Useful in Almost Any Industry

#LWRMTS is not limited to any one industry.  Individuals who obtain Project Management certification can be applied in all business industries.   Corporate businesses across many different sectors seek talented, qualified project managers to make sure their programs/projects are implemented and executed with excellence.

Executives in an array of industries are looking for project managers to help bring organizational skill to their various endeavors.  Leading sectors include banking,  insurance, manufacturing, construction, utilities, food, oil and gas, retail, publishing, and public services.

​Job Security

​Since the economic recession of 2008, job security has been more fragile, and professionals worry about keeping their positions and their livelihood. Keep yourself marketable with Project Management certification for it is in high demand. #LWRMTS will provide you the basic steps to help you seek Project Management skills.  

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How Sharon Parker Continues to Leading Within!

"Sharon, passionately know as Sharon Lee left her hometown of Calvert County, Maryland , as a young woman to chase her dreams.  Sharon had no idea where that road would lead.  She never imagined that the journey would take her to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) working as a Federal Public Servant for over 30 plus years.  Along the way, Sharon found her passion to give back to her community. 

Along with a few friends, Sharon birthed an organization called  "Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association, (ROASA), Inc.,"  to inspire all to remember the positive contributions of African Americans who have made to great thrives in society.

Sharon's duties did not stop with ROASA, Inc., she was asked to serve as the Chapter President for an organization called "American Mothers, Inc.".! 

Sharon was also asked to serve as the Chapter President for the Robert C. Weaver - Blacks in Government at HUD!

Sharon went further to lead within, by serving as a Commissioner for the Maryland Commission on African-American  History and Culture (MCAAHC), appointed by the Governor of Maryland.

Sharon ultimately found herself in an intimate circle of notable Afrocentric minds, seeking opportunities to uplift individuals with her book "True Synergy Work - Leading Within...Seven Defining Principles of Knowing Self to Birth Greatness".  Her book is a guide to inspire individuals of all ages to discover their leadership and  entrepreneurial spirit to give back to others. 

Since the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), Sharon is honored to serve as a volunteer.  She serves on the  NMAAHC Program Staff person and proudly showcase programs held at the Oprah Winfrey Theater and other activities and community programs.

Sharon Parker
Leading Within Strategist

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