Sharon Parker, the National Historical Community Connector, is many things to many people, a  legacy seeker, a passionate and purposed teacher, and a  heart-led fact seeker.

But really ... she is just a woman on a mission to capture the stories of African-American heroes here in America and aboard —the celebrated and unsung—and to share them with the world, 365 days a year.

When Sharon, passionately know as Sharon Lee left her hometown of Calvert County, Maryland , as a young woman to chase her dreams, Sharon had no idea where that road would lead.  She never imagined that the journey would take her to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Federal Public Servant for 30 years, which birthed her passion to serve her community, and to the President for Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association, (ROASA), Inc., Chapter President for Maryland’s American Mothers, Inc., Chapter President for the Robert C. Weaver Chapter at HUD, former Commissioner for the Maryland Commission on African-American  History and Culture (MCAAHC), where she served from 2012-2015. Ultimately, Sharon would find herself in an intimate circle of other Afrocentric minds, seeking opportunities to support the entrepreneurial ventures of friends and the community at large.  Sharon has been blessed to serve as a volunteer for the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

She came … for comradery —instead she discovered her destiny.

That night, a spark of inspiration led to the creation of Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association (ROASA), Inc., and the rest, shall we say, is history. 


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 At Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association, Inc., is a trusted community collaboration organization that serves to connect, learn, grow and create with  beautiful and elegant, professional that give back to the next generation #Unconditionally.

​“While driving down Georgetown, in Washington, DC in 2012, it hit me “why not host an #UnconditionalLove retreat to bring women together.  Never in a million years did I imagine it would turn into a social movement that would bring #TrueSynergy (Connections) to the next generation leading youth, adults and elders.  Back in 2013, at the historic L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC (SW), we held our first annual #UnconditionalLove retreat.  Our theme was “Reflecting on Life Experiences to Develop a Successful Future” (Click here) to go to the "Read More Page"!:


Undaunted by the task before her, Sharon simply began with one step along her purposed path, boldly placing one faithful foot in front of the other and trusting God to reveal the vision, piece by piece. Since then, the cultural enrichment organization has made an indelible mark on the Washington Metro area as a historical voice that the world has yet to hear, but soon will. True to its origin, ROASA, Inc., has created a platform rooted in connecting positive, like-minded people through the power of synergy, the hard work required to uplift a global community and a strong sense of self-knowledge by embracing their culture and heritage. Sharon dutifully walks in her calling to serve more and to inspire people of all colors to love themselves—unconditionally.

With signature programs, such as RYES, which stands for ROASA Youth Empowerment Series, pronounced “RISE”, youth can benefit from educational and empowerment efforts that keep the faces of our forefathers in front of the next generation and its Ancestral Sightings program for adults, ROASA, Inc., tells stories, preserves legacies, and empowers people to become students of God and Self. 

In 2017 the organization launched the ROASA’s Unconditional Love Café, the Leading WithIn Conference, and the Leading WithIN…Keep Your Legacy bootcamp.

Also in Feburary 4, 2016 (yes Rosa Park’s Birthday), the organization launched its masterpiece, the ROASA’s Roadmap to Self-Workshop , which presents a 100-year timeline of African-American history and culture and paints a vibrant portrait of our nation—one that is diverse, inclusive, and true.

It takes a woman with a vision to stand for an entire race and those who are so often forgotten.

It takes a woman with conviction to ensure the conversation surrounding African-American history never fades, but continues to speak a legacy of faith and fortitude.

It takes a woman with heart to honor the lives of those who have come before—and after—her with her own.  It takes Sharon Parker! 

Sharon Parker

National Community Connector

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July 15, 2017

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JULY 15, 2017

Sharon Parker will be heading back to her home town of Calvert County, Maryland (Prince Frederick).  Enjoy and Day and Night Party Book Tour with Sharon and Family!

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To encourage All to take a journey with the next generation to remember the American's story that includes the African American experience (Connect. Learn. Grow. Create Together!).




Sharon E. Parker (Civil Rights Baby - BIO)

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