Leading Within - Roadmap-to-Self (Next Level Leadership)

Want to take your profession to the next level?  Become a Leading Within/Subject Matter Expert (SME) and learn how to start, manage, and implement a successful initiative,  project, program.  Seek Project Management certification. Book #LWRMTS Workshop Today!

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Want to lead your managers and executive teams to grow your business?  Become a Leading Within/Subject Matter Expert (SME) and start, manage, and implement a successful project.  Seek Project Management certification.

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Next Level Leadership!

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Note:  The Leading Within - Roadmap-to-Self Workshop is not a certified Project Management course or platform.

Want to challenge your executive team to operate an effective and productive program?  Become a Leading Within/Subject Matter Expert (SME) and start, operate, and manage a successful office.

Empower your staff to seek Project Management certification.

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​“Back in 2003, Sharon Parker was comfortable fading in the background while she raised her children and built her career as a Computer Information Systems Science Specialist.  Along the way, Sharon aka #SharonLee came across a professional field called "Project Management" and her life changed forever! 


Leading Within - Roadmap-to-Self,  #LWRMTS is new platform designed to inspire professionals and up and coming professionals in all industries to develop effective teams to lead successful businesses, programs, and projects. 

Sharon Parker

Leading Within Strategist


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"The hardest job in the world in to show by example that you have the skills to lead others, the second hardest job is to teach others how to lead within."  Sharon Parker has proven that she can lead within by chancing her life for the better and now she is excited to share with professionals how she did it!  She will  Tell Them. Show Them. Inspire Them. to Lead Within!

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Want to get a head start in your professional career?  Become a Leading Within/Subject Matter Expert (SME) and start, manage, and implement a successful special school project.  Obtain Leading Within skills, tools and techniques to seek Project Management certification.

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Sharon boldly placing one faithful foot in front of the other, trusting God to reveal the vision of Leading Within piece by piece. Her love for history led her to Washington, DC 30 plus years ago.  When you landed her job at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, she know she found her historical home. 

It takes a woman with a vision to stand for an entire culture of leadership, but one must start with one self!   Read more on how Sharon leads within in her family, career and community.

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